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Many thanks for your hard work yesterday, I'm delighted with the results.
 I was wondering how long you thought it might take you to also dig out the two beds on the lower terrace (where you grassed yesterday) and removing excess soil so that they are also ready for planting? I'm assuming you will need to wait a month until the grass has settled, or perhaps you could do the two beds on the right side (where the big tree root is) and leave the left one until the grass is ready?
 My daughter enjoyed planting the first flower in our garden after you left yesterday!
 Many thanks

Hi Terry,

I just went on to your website to add a testimonial but it looks like I can't do it yet so i'll email you one and you can add it if you wish.

Thank you for transforming our patio with your jet washing and allowing us to enjoy our outside space once again.
we are over the moon at how quickly you completed the work and how reasonable your prices are.
We will definitely be using you again for our future gardening needs. 

Many Thanks Lucy